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The Severance 10" Fixed Tanto Point, K110 Blade / Black Micarta Handle
  • The Severance 10" Fixed Tanto Point, K110 Blade / Black Micarta Handle

    SKU: SK110MBLK



    The Severance was already in the early stages of the design process when a Federal Drug Interdiction Team approached 3DK/Northern Knives. They requested a blade that would perform as a strong well balanced machete. The design had to be able to be abused for several hours a day, without failing, or overly fatiguing the user... Oh, and one more thing; also have the ability to chop through an aluminum helicopter fuselage with little or no damage to the blade. The design was finalized, the Severance produced, and serves today in Federal / State / Military environments. Now it is being produced for the open market.


    The handle is designed with the "persuader" backend helping to counterbalance the users swing and minimize fatigue for a firm, competent purchase and for comfortable prolonged usage. The handle design also nearly eliminates the possibility of a fatigued hand moving up onto the cutting edge.


    We think all this makes The Severance one of the toughest, longest lasting custom knives available anywhere.

    Proudly made in Anchorage, Alaska.


    Two grinds available:

    Full Slicer Grind



    • K110 Blade Steel
      • K110 is a cold work tool steel from Austria. Analogue K110 is better known as D2 tool steel. It is a dimensionally stable, high carbon, high-chromium (12%) steel. Particularly suitable for air hardening it also has good toughness. Due to its strength and durability, K110 has excellent characteristics for a blade. Although high in carbon, K110 is not easily oxidized and does not corrode. 
    • 10” Blade
    • Black Micarta handle
    • Modified Tanto profile
    • Titanium Barrels
    • Comes with Leather Sheath OR a Selection of Kydex Options
    • Every Severance comes with a dog tag birth certificate with the date of manufacture, and materials used. Made on our 1941 Graphotype machine. Custom tags available here

    *Every custom Severance comes with our lifetime warranty, and is sharpened free for life. Details

    3DK/NK would like to give a special thanks, and express our deep appreciation to a good friend of ours. New York Times bestselling author of the Jericho Quinn thriller series, Arliss Cutter thriller series, and Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series, Marc Cameron. Marc has been a great supporter of ours since the beginning. Many people will notice The Severance from it's feature in the Jericho Quinn thriller series books "State of Emergency" and "Day Zero", and for that we are very grateful.

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