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3DK began making knives tough enough to take on the Alaskan bush. The Severance was our answer to survival in the wildest state of the union. After years of having guides come in and replace their knives almost seasonally, we thought we could do better and provide knives that are as tough as Alaskans required.

This is how the M.A.K. was born. The first Alaskan made knife to use top tier premium steels and our unique ultra-tough handle process. That is how the M.A.K. is still the standard for Alaskan Guides and Hunters.

Founded in 2013, our goal is not only to make the best professional hunting tool but to make it's knives outlast the makers themselves. 

Giving Back
Pat and Luke


The characters in my books find themselves in tough situations in Alaska and around the world. I like to outfit them with equipment I actually use. Jericho Quinn and Arliss Cutter are rarely without a RIOT or MAK from 3DK--and neither am I. 

-Marc Cameron, Famed Author

 I have always used a scalpel-type knife with replaceable blades, but now do all my skinning with the M.A.K., and have been able to avoid the pain of having to replace blades in the field. It handles well and stays sharp.  I have typically used a larger knife to hack of ankle bones, separate ribs from spine, and cut the pelvis when needed and after several animals my KA-BAR Warthog shattered on me and  I switched to the AMUK for hacking up animal bones.  I have used it on one black bear and two caribou so far. I also use it to cut meat and hack through brush when out in the field.  Because I have had such good success with these tools I will only bring 3 Dog Knife products with me on my back country trips in Alaska. 

-Chuke, Professional Alaskan

The M.A.K. has been my go to blade for skinning and butchering game in Alaska. I can butcher two moose completely without sharpening. I highly recommend this blade.
-Justin Dubay,  Kokanee Guide Services

Fish Camp 2021: July 10 marks the beginning of dip netting season for Alaskan residents. Thousands of people make their way to Kenai to catch sockeye salmon. In 4 days we caught & processed 207 salmon!

-Dorthey, Fisherwomen

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