Warranty Details

What is The No Worries Gaurentee?

If you manage to break or damage our knives through normal use (cleaning game/fish, batoning, knife fight with a bear) and manage to survive we will repair or replace it free of charge. Please bring in your wild tale of how you broke it, these fuel us and inspire us. The only caveat is organic scales (bone, antler, ivory, wood). These are not as resilient as our preferred scales and do not stand THE Test™, thus only manufacturing defects are covered on these scales (same warranty on the blade itself). ...and as always, our knives are sharpened free for life.

Is there a time limit to the warranty?

NO, we will cover the knife regardless of how long you have it. We warranty for the life of the knife.

Does the warranty only apply to the original owner?

No, the warranty follows the knife for as long as it exists.

I managed to break my knife, now what?

Simply CONTACT US, advise of the Model / Steel / Scales of your knife and how best to reach you. We will reach out to you and start the repair process.

I dulled my knife or managed to chip it, how do i use my warranty?

Simply CONTACT US with your information and we can get you taken care of.

What is considered "normal use" for your knives?

Here are some general examples to give you an idea: Hunting and woodsmen uses: -Cleaning game / fish -Batoning / shaving wood (does not include our fillet knives) -Clearing brush (does not include our fillet knives) -Self defense -Use as a prybar (does not include our fillet knives) Are considered normal use. We do not consider: -Cutting metal or wire -Chipping stone -Prolonged heat exposure (200+ degrees) -Throwing Are not considered normal use. However, we understand that all circumstances are unique so please do not shy away from claiming warranty work on your knife, you'd be suprised with some of the things we cover. We will always try to work with you and get your issue resolved. Warranty work is done at our sole descretion, but we always take great effort to give our customers the benifit of the doubt.

Why do organic scales not get the same coverage as your synthetic offerings?

Organic scales (wood, ivory, bone, horn) are more fragile then our sythetic offerings (G-10, carbon fiber, Micarta) and cannot take the same punishment. Some of the organic scale options can be fragile due to minute imperfections that all natural materials are subjest to. We take many precautions to strenghten and mitigate these things, but it just isn't possible to hold them to the same standards as our synthetic options. More care should be taken with natural handles. That being said we do honor manufacturing defects on organic scales and warranty the blade itself with the full No Worries Gaurentee. This is also why we do not recommend Kydex or Boltaron sheath options with natural handles. It causes accelrated wear on natural materials and, overtime, could compromise the handles. You are welcome to use these sheath options with natural handles, just be aware that you maybe giving up a bit of warranty coverage in the future.