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The Amuk 6" Fixed Tanto Point - Wood Handles
  • The Amuk 6" Fixed Tanto Point - Wood Handles



    The Amuk is a camping / survival knife built tough enough to handle the Alaskan wilderness. The unique design allows the knife to be used as a chopper, a slicer, a strike saw, a wood working tool, and much more. The Amuk has evolved into a formidable blade. 3DK's uncompromising build methods make sure the Amuk can far outlast the punishment from the hardest tasks a survivalist or camper may need,

    The handle is designed for a firm, competent purchase and for comfortable prolonged usage while minimizing resultant hot-spotting in the hand. The handle design also nearly eliminates the possibility of a fatigued hand moving up onto the cutting edge while performing unconventional tasks. It incorporates many of the features found in the larger Severance but into a more compact, easy to carry, and versatile package.

    We think all this makes the The Amuk one of the toughest, longest lasting custom knives available anywhere.


    Proudly made in Anchorage, Alaska.


    • Elmax and K110 Blade Steel
      • Elmax is a powder metallurgy stainless steel created by Bohler-Uddenholm. It is corrosive resistant due to its high Chromium percentage. It also has excellent edge holding capabilities. It is a fairly easy steel to sharpen and it becomes razor sharp due to the powder metallurgy process and the limited impurities.
      • K110 is a cold work tool steel from Austria. Analogue K110 is better known as D2 tool steel. It is a dimensionally stable, high carbon, high-chromium (12%) steel. Particularly suitable for air hardening it also has good toughness. Due to its strength and durability, K110 has excellent characteristics for a blade. Although high in carbon, K110 is not easily oxidized and does not corrode. 
    • 6" blade
    • Several wooden scale options
    • Modified Tanto profile
    • Modified Tanto profile
    • Titanium barrels rivets
    • Comes with Leather Sheath made locally by Diamond D Leather
    • Every AMUK comes with a dog tag birth certificate with the date of manufacture, and materials used. Made on our 1941 Graphotype machine. 


    *Every custom AMUK comes with our lifetime warranty, and is sharpened free for life. 


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